Industrial Ergonomics Assessments
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Barbre Ergonomics Consulting and Training
I spend a lot of time on site in client shops, manufacturing plants,
jobsites, on heavy equipment, and with remote production gangs
on the track.

Jobsite assessments: my shoulder-to-shoulder ergonomic
assessments help you see what I see -- opportunities to make
jobs a lot easier, faster, less costly, safer, and more comfortable
to perform. I work directly with your front-line people and
specialize in complex, long-cycle job tasks that make most
standardized checklists useless. When I create job descriptions,
they are not only based on real job demands, we set them up so
you can manage and update them as improvements and changes
occur over time.

When needed, I apply sophicated biomechanical evaluation
and human modeling software to our analysis of industrial tasks
to evaluate forces, postures, strength requirements, lifting,
pushing, pulling, balance, stablility, and complex exertions.

With practical improvements and on-target training, I provide
solutions to unsolvable problems, improvements to unchangeable
operations, and fatigue relief for inherently difficult  job tasks. I
make my living finding ways to make work easier, less fatiguing,
faster, safer, and more cost-effective. Many of the changes I
recommend can be accomplished on-the-spot at low cost, and
sometimes even no cost.   

Whatever your investment in ergonomic improvements,
including that which you make using us, I see to it that it
becomes an investment in productivity, cost control, and taking
care of people so they stay with you and adopt your goals as
their goals.  Make sense? Let us help.