Office Ergonomics Assessments
Let us help.
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Barbre Ergonomics Consulting and Training
I have a great deal of experience with office ergonomics issues,
working with all types of computer workstation job environments.

I help groups and individuals work with greater comfort and
efficiency in office environments, from the most modern and
complex dispatching and call centers to the most challenging
and modest cubbyholes.  Let me teach you the many tricks I
know for helping people outsmart workstation problems, from
applying simple rearrangements and special techniques to
making equipment decisions and reorganizing how work is done.  

Click here to view and print a copy the Barbre Ergonomics Office
Tips brochure, full of techniques and information for
outsmarting the physical challenges of your computer

Click here to view and print a copy of our free
stretching poster.

I create and deliver high-quality employee and supervisor
training in office ergonomics. Can you confidently answer
employee questions and address concerns such as these?
- Should we lower our desks or use keyboard trays?
- Why does sitting and computer use cause discomfort?
- Which ergonomic accessories are worth buying?
- My neck and eyes hurt: what's going on and what do I do?
- How can I locate the mouse so my arm doesn't hurt?
- Should we raise or lower our monitors?
- What chairs should we buy -- are the budget models OK?
- Why can't I get comfortable in my workstation?

Did you know that intensive keying groups who take frequent
mini-breaks can experience up to a 30% increase in
productivity, while actually working 15-20 minutes less per
shift?  Did you know that healthy people should probably not
wear wrist splints while working? Let us tell you more.

Let me build your knowledge base while we improve comfort,
productivity, and morale.  My training and methods help people
work with greater comfort and efficiency in modern offices, with
the assistance of simple, powerful, and practical methods for
combating fatigue.

I provide a great deal of assistance to people needing help
with office workstation issues. Here are some things I offer to
help with your office
ergonomics needs:

- Individual workstation assistance, evaluation, and action
- Training for groups who perform intensive data entry
- Training for supervisors, facility managers, & safety pros
- Office ergonomics tips brochure for informing employees
- Fatigue control techniques, including stretching posters
- Methods for controlling glare and eye strain
- Answers to questions about carpal tunnel, eyesight etc.
- Jobsite assessments for injury claims and  litigation
- Workstation assessment booklets and forms