Office Ergonomics
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Barbre Ergonomics Consulting and Training
Working for long durations at computer workstations can be much more
fatiguing and uncomfortable than it needs to be. Unnecessary static muscle
contractions that we use while slumping and craning the head and neck
forward, holding the arms in non-neutral positions, sitting with the back
unsupported, and even standing for too long at upright workstations can all
make the same work much harder to do.

Working from home offices during COVID business closures:

During the COVID-19 outbreak many people are now working from home,
often using makeshift workstation setups that are much more fatiguing to
use than necessary. Barbre Ergonomics joins in this effort to improve public
health and reduce risks by providing useful information and resources for
helping get into more comfortable work arrangements and body positions.
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I help people work with much greater comfort and less soreness and
productivity-killing fatigue, from the most modern dispatching centers, to the
most challenging and modest cubbyholes.

Let me teach you the many tricks I know for helping outsmart workstation
problems, from simple rearrangement and modified techniques to helping
make equipment decisions and reorganizing how work gets done.

Click here to view and print a copy of the Barbre Ergonomics Office Tips
brochure, for techniques and information that help outsmart physical
challenges created by your computer workstation arrangement.

Click here to view and print a copy of the globally-popular Barbre
Ergonomics Stretches poster for minimizing fatigue and soreness while you
get the job done.

Barbre Ergononomics also delivers high-quality office ergonomics training
for employees and teams. Can you answer these questions?:

- Should we lower our desks or use keyboard trays?
- It is unsafe to sit for long periods?
- Should I have a standing workstation instead?
- Can I sit on an inflatable ball instead of a chair at work?
- Why does sitting and computer use cause discomfort?
- Which ergonomic accessories are worth buying?
- My neck and eyes hurt: what's going on and what do I do?
- How can I locate the mouse so my arm doesn't hurt?
- Should we raise or lower our monitors?
- What chairs should we buy -- are the budget models OK?
- Why can't I get comfortable in my workstation?