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Barbre Ergonomics Consulting and Training

Got strain injuries? Call Barbre Ergonomics at 817-454-2242  I can help you accomplish your
goals, identify what's going on, and practical ways to fix it.

The free Barbre Ergonomics Stretches poster is popular across the globe, with employers from
Australia to the Pacific Rim using it to help employees avoid excessive soreness, fatigue, and
risk of strain injuries. My free office ergonomics tips brochure is also used by employees and
computer users everywhere. Please help yourself to these free resources on our website.

This approach goes beyond the usual ergonomics topics to also address related problems such
as sudden release of directed energy, loss of balance or stability, slips-trips- falls, hazardous
placement of body parts, and inefficient labor-intensive processes. From sprains and strains, to
best-available solutions for difficult tasks, to eliminating unnecessary effort andsteps, I can help.

Using Barbre Ergonomics means receiving the services of an experienced career ergonomist
every time. I don't use interns or cross-trained associates from other fields, and my consulting
services cost less, even with travel expenses.

Barbre Ergonomics has no stake in the purchase or sale of products of any sort. I only sell
consulting and training services, so I'm not trying to steer clients toward particular solutions or
products. I do make recommendations regarding design features and exemplary equipment or
sources, and I "bird dog" or research the availability of new equipment for ergonomic
improvement projects.

I'm based in Fort Worth, Texas USA near DFW International Airport, and I efficiently reach even
out-of-the way plant locations across the US and parts of Canada. Let me help you accomplish
your goals
Practical Approach

I'm Bill Barbre, MSIE CPE. I began my training and education in this field of ergonomics and
human factors engineering in 1979 while studying the control-room causes of the Three Mile
Island nuclear accident with researchers at Sandia National Labs in New Mexico.

I went on to study in graduate school with experts in ergonomics, safety, and human factors
design at Virginia Tech, where I earned a master's degree in industrial engineering and
operations research.

For eight years I worked in advanced military aerospace design on jet fighter cockpits and
maintenance methods. After that II was the first full-time ergonomist at an American railroad,
where I was the manager in charge of building ergonomics programs and training for 40,000
employees in 28 states and three Canadian provinces. During my time there, back injuries
were reduced by 85%, strain injuries by 80%, and occupational illnesses by 95%.

This background and front-line experience with ergonomics process management and
real-world improvements led me to start Barbre Ergonomics in 1996. Besides being among the
most experienced industrial ergonomics consultants, my approach to conducting assessments
and making improvements is uniquely practical and effective. It focuses resources on
identification, prioritization, and action toward needed improvements to equipment and

With my training programs, I also pass this capability along to my clients so they can use
ergonomics methods and "tricks of the trade" to tackle efficiency-robbing fatigue and soreness,
wasted effort, unnecessary steps, reduced safety margins, and injuries involving manual
handling, repetitive forceful motions, and working in weakened, fatiguing, and uncomfortable