Tips for working from home:
Let me help.
Barbre Ergonomics Consulting and Training
Working from home offices during COVID-19 distancing:
Many of us are now working from home office workstations to
maintain public safety during the pandemic. Barbre
Ergonomics joins you in this effort by providing free resources
for setting up your remote workstation, and for using safe
stretches developed by experts to minimize fatigue and
soreness that you might experience as you work.

Most tables and desks are higher than needed for using the
posture or body positions that you want in order to avoid
excessive soreness from holding unsupported body parts in
position to use the screen, keyboard, and mouse. Ideally, you
can use an adjustable chair to raise yourself to match the
height of the surface (at about elbow level).

Avoid working from couches and coffee tables using your
computer or notebook. To set up your home workstation, use
the steps shown in the
Office Ergonomics Tips brochure.

Email Bill Barbre with your specific questions.

Free Office Ergonomics Tips Brochure (pdf)
Developed to help people understand and outsmart the
physical challenges of working for long periods at computer
workstations, including home offices.
Click here for this
informative two-sided brochure. Print the front side, put it back
into your printer, and print the back side. Then fold in thirds to
make your own pamphlet. Share with people you know.

Free Stretching Poster (pdf)
Letter-sized mini-poster for industrial and office employees, as
well as for off-work use.

Note: stretching is not a substitute for ergonomic
improvements or ergonomic methods. However, stretching
can be a powerful tool for combating fatigue and soreness
from demanding tasks or fatiguing postures.

Click here for free two-sided stretching poster

These twelve stretches and instructions were developed
together with a team of experts in occupational
medicine, athletic training, physical therapy, kinesiology, and
hand therapy. They have been tested for over ten years by
thousands of working people in shops, at jobsites, in offices,
and at home. Developed for safe use by all age groups and
fitness levels, and suitable for both men and women.

Important notes about stretching:
Do not bounce or twist while stretching. Only stretch to the
point of mild tension. Check with your physician before
starting a new exercise program or if you have had recent
joint trouble, muscle problems, or surgery.

The stretching poster is two-sided; be sure to print both sides
for important information:
Read and follow all instructions on both pages carefully. In
Adobe Acrobat .pdf format.
Click here to download Adobe
Acrobat Reader. Share this great poster with people you care
Barbre Ergonomics Consulting and Training
The Barbre Ergonomics Stretching Poster is free and available for use by individuals
and organizations at their own risk. The stretches were designed by experts and are
intended to be safe for healthy individuals to perform when following all instructions
included on both sides or pages of the poster. By downloading this poster, you
agree to hold Barbre Ergonomics harmless for any misuse or problem that may arise
in association with the stretching poster.
Contact to discuss as needed.