Ergonomics Training for Employees, Ergo Teams, and Leaders
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Barbre Ergonomics Consulting and Training
Barbre Ergonomics develops and delivers customized training
programs and trainer materials in a variety of topic areas. We
also speak to employee and other groups on practical
ergonomics points that they can apply in everyday activities on
and off the job.

Barbre Ergonomcis has provided on-site and remote
ergonomics team training in the US, Wales, Germany, Mexico,
South America, Central American, Japan, Korea, Thailand,
Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Sweden,
Switzerland, and Norway.

I learn your specific issues and concerns to customize and
deliver training that matters to your employees and leaders. I
train your front-line people to use better methods that make
work easier, safer, more comfortable, and efficient to do. I
share  dozens of tips and "tricks" for improving many specific
physically demanding tasks. I also train your leaders and
employee teams to use ergonomics to accomplish goals and
make improvements.

I provide on-target, frequently-updated training programs and
trainer kits that yield greater impact and buy-in  through
incorporation of specific issues and photos from your locations,
work environments, and internal policies. After I train your
people, put the Barbre Ergonomics training programs on your
local computers for refresher and new-hire applications.

Here is a selection of Barbre Ergonomics training topics I offer:

- Employee industrial ergonomics training
- Ergonomics team training for industrial and office work areas
- Office ergonomics and computer workstation comfort
- Ergonomics for managers and safety professionals
- Ergonomics for employees, safety teams, and committees
- Workstation Ergonomics for IT representatives
- Improved methods for physically demanding tasks
- Back care methods and sprain-strain prevention
- Material handling and moving specialized loads
- Railroad-specific training for all craft areas
- Sitting and driving
- Climbing on equipment
- Working in awkward postures
- Standing and walking
- Stretching on the job
- Shoveling and working with leverage tools
- Working with mauls and sledges